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Inter-cultural? Culture - What's that?

About me

"Intercultural" - my understanding of culture

In an intercultural context, culture is often understood and discussed as a national or ethnic peculiarity: We - and the others.

In view of the global contexts in which many of us live today, I consider this understanding of culture to be of little use. Consequently, it implies: "Whoever comes to us (nation, state, or region) has to adapt". Successful adaptation is understood as learning the national language, following customs and traditions, eating habits, clothing, etc.

I prefer to understand culture systemically, as a complex system - a set of rules that should be followed; expectations that derive therefrom; behavioural patterns and ritualised actions that are lived and observed.
To look at culture from the perspective of rules of the game has the advantage that the term can also be applied to other entities such as companies, departments, industries, social groups in the context of diversity.

The advantage of this approach is that the rules of the game can be made clear and negotiated.

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