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About me

My approach in coaching ….

… has its base in positive psychology, i.e. looking for what’s already there and how can it be optimised or expanded.
… is solution focused – not problem-oriented.

What’s the difference?
Working solution focused – either in a one-to-one setting or in team coaching – means looking for (and working on!) a desired outcome. Once this has been clearly defined, the next steps will be to take a good look at the client’s strengths, skill sets and successfully used strategies.

Which aspects of the desired outcome are already in reach? Which will be the next steps to get closer to this goal? How will you know you’re getting there? Who else will and needs to notice?

In team coaching, conducive questions could be:
As a team, what’s the common goal that you’ve got? Or do you need to jointly develop a common goal?
Which strengths have you got within the team? What has worked well? What could you be doing more of?

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